Our distinguished sound reproducing equipment represents the finest the industry has to offer. Specifically chosen for their price to performance ratio:

  1. Bullet AUDIO TECHNICA, AT-ART1000 Phono Cartridge

  2. Bullet ABIS, (Sorane)Tonearms,

  3. Bullet ANALOG MAGIK, Precision Cartridge Set Up Rig

  4. Bullet AUDIO SOLUTIONS, LoudspeakersAudio

  5. Bullet THE BESPOKE AUDIO COMPANY, Preamplifiers

  6. Bullet BIS Audio Cables

  7. Bullet BRINKMANN AUDIO, Nyquist MkII DAC

  8. Bullet darTZeel, Swiss made Amplification,

  9. Bullet DÖHMANN AUDIO, Helix 1, 2  Turntables

  10. Bullet DS AUDIO, Optical Phono Cartridge Systems

  11. Bullet DYNAVECTOR Phono Cartridges

  12. Bullet ENKLEIN Audio Cables

  13. Bullet GamuT Audio, Loudspeakers, RS7i on display

  14. Bullet GRAHAM Engineering, Tone Arms

  15. Bullet HANA, Phono Cartridges

  16. Bullet KIRMUSS AUDIO, Ultra Sonic Record Cleaners

  17. Bullet KEITH MONKS record cleaning machines

  18. Bullet LARSEN AUDIO, Loudspeakers from Sweden

  19. Bullet LEVIN DESIGN, Record Brushes

  20. Bullet MA RECORDINGS, Inner Sleeves

  21. Bullet MASSIF Audio Design, Custom hardwood stands

  22. Bullet MINUS K, Laboratory Grade Isolation Platforms

  23. Bullet OKKI NOKKI, record cleaning machine

  24. Bullet PEAR AUDIO ANALOGUE, Turntables

  25. Bullet SAT, Swedish Analog Technologies, Pick Up Arms

  26. Bullet SCHRÖDER CB Tonearm, 9” and 11” Versions

  27. Bullet SOULUTION AUDIO, Solid State Electronics

  28. Bullet STENHEIM, Loudspeakers, Swiss Made Excellence

  29. Bullet SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH, Power and Acoustics

  30. Bullet THRAX AUDIO Tube Electronics

  31. Bullet UBIQ AUDIO LABS, Loudspeakers, Amplifiers

  32. Bullet VINYL STORAGE SOLUTIONS, 4 Mil Outer Sleeves

  33. Bullet WOLF AUDIO SYSTEMS, High Fidelity Audio Servers

RETAILERS of Distinguished Sound reproducing Equipment


STENHEIM Swiss made precision.

Loudspeakers are crafted to the highest precision and quality for which Switzerland is renowned.


Award winning loudspeakers from the brilliant mind of the Danish Designer Benno Meldgaard.

ARCHIVAL cleaning systems and storage

From KIRMUSS AUDIO to Vinyl Storage solutions let us show you how to get the most out of your record collection and how to preserve it’s value.


Lithuanian loudspeakers ingeniously engineered to perform far beyond their reasonable High End price tag.

LARSEN, Living Freindly Loudspeakers

Highly advanced materials engineering leads to the most stable and vibration free pick up arm we have ever heard.

TechDAS, Turntables from Japan

The Apex of vacuum turntable design worth of Archiving your record collection.


Highly advanced materials engineering leads to the most stable and vibration free pick up arm we have ever heard.


The last preamplifer you will ever buy. The Green Monster Arrives.....

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