RETAILERS of Distinguished Sound reproducing Equipment

Our distinguished sound reproducing equipment will be putting it’s best foot forward at the Montreal Audio Fest March 22 through 24, 2019 . We will be participating with our good friends from STENHEIM, TRICELL ENTERPRISES and WOLF AUDIO SYSTEMS. Great thanks must go out to the effervescent JEROME FRAGMAN of ONE GOOD EAR and JEAN-PASCAL PANCHARD of STENHEIM for putting this room together and allowing us to work with him. Ensure that you drop by for some great music and conversation. We look forward to seeing all of you there.

  1. Bullet STENHEIM, Alumine 2 SE

        -CANADIAN DEBUT of the line and WORLD reveal of the SE version

        -The new Alumine 2 SE version will be used throughout the show

        -Swiss Made Audio Excellence

        -Loudspeakers of the finest pedigree, construction and performance

        -Jean-Pascal Panchard, Chief Designer and Owner of STENHEIM will be present throughout!

  1. Bullet WOLF AUDIO SYSTEMS, Alpha 3:


        -We will be utilizing the incomparable Alpha 3 Digital Music server and streamer.

        -Joe Parvey, Chief Designer and Owner of WOLF AUDIO will be present throughout!

  1. Bullet SOULUTION AUDIO, 330 Integrated Amplifer:

        -The New 3 Series, 330 Integrated Amplifer

        -Best in Class integrated amplifer

  1. Bullet Quebec’s own BIS AUDIO CABLES:

        -VIVAT level  BIS Inteconnects and speaker cable

        -Maestro Level BIS POWERBAR, Power distribution

        -Meestro II BIS Power Cables

  1. Bullet  BRINKMANN, Digital, NYQUIST MK II DAC:

        -The multi award winning NYQUIST MK II DAC

  1. Bullet MASSIF Audio Design, Custom hardwood stands

        -Isolation disks

        -Ambrosia Maple Amp Stands with Ebony legs and BDR cones



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Cellular: (416) 254-3887

Aurora,Ontario, Canada: Edgar


Cellular: (416) 320-9803