RETAILERS of Distinguished Sound reproducing Equipment


BIS AUDIO CABLES  Have joined our world class components

UBIQ AUDIO LOUDSPEAKERS, Duelund and Special Edition Versions for Demonstration.

DAVONE AUDIO The New Solo Loudspeakers arrive!

AUDIO UNION, HELIX 1 Turntable by Döhann On display and in use!            

SCHRÖDER CB TONEARM, 9” and 12” now available!

Adding to our stelar line of dynamic reproducers, UBIQ Audio represents the highest value for performance in any loudspeaker we have used. Utilizing the world renown Duelund capacitors they have created a speaker that only tells the truth.

Mono and Stereo Review, Editors Choice!

High Fidelity Magazine, Loudspeaker of the Year

On display we have the Dueland Edition in RED and the Black and Gold Special Edition. The Special Edition utilizes the Duelund bypass caps, solid aluminum base plates and some UBIQ trade secret tweeks to squeeze each last drop of emotion from the speaker.

This full range speaker sits closer to the walls as it is an enclosed envelope. It allows for the room to bloom and deliver the musical message as intended.

AUDIO UNION HELIX 1 Turntable by Döhmann

We are proud to announce that the Audio Union Helix 1 Turntable and Schröder Tonearm will be represented by Sonic Artistry. We will be proudly utilizing this combination with the 9”and 12” arms and Charisma Phono Cartridges at the Montreal Show this March 2017 in the FUNDY Room. This may be the worlds greatest music retrieval component! Each form of media, digital or analog, is a facsimile of the original performance. No media is truly inclusive of every detail of the performance, however, are we extracting all the available information from the media? Mark Döhmann has proven yet again we are not!

The Döhmann Helix 1 delivers unparalleled analog playback performance due to its unique Micro Signal Architecture© (MSA) engineering that sets new noise reduction and micro-signal preservation benchmarks.

By joining forces with a team of talented scientists, engineers and designers, Mark has addressed each aspect of noise and vibration suppression utilizing the latest in visualization techniques, engineering concepts and patented technologies.

There are a couple of great links to pictures thanks to our friends at Mono and Stereo!

Keep your eye on the Mono and Stereo pages for what we believe will be a monumental review!

Schröder CB Arm, Mono and Stereo: