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Our distinguished sound reproducing equipment represents the finest the industry has to offer. These have been specifically chosen for their price to performance ratio.

Analog Magik
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Scientific and repeatable method of analog cartridge calibration and setup.

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The ABCD-1, Cartridge Demagnetizer

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Indispensable Ion generators to ensure improved sound playback by neutralizing static at the source!

DS Audio
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ST-50 Stylus Cleaner. Low Profile. Designed to protect your records and easy cleaning of the pad function.

Keith Monks RCM
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Parts and service for the Keith Monks ORIGNAL Record Cleaning Machine.

Levin Designs
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Award Winning Handmade record brushes. Made in Germany.

MA Recordings
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The Highest quality Japanese inner linen sleeves available.

MASSIF Audio Design
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Custom Exotic Hardwood Audio Racks, Platforms and Accessories

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Minuk K Technologies, Labratory Grade Isolation Bases

Musical Surroundings
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Stasis Record brushes perfect value solution for cleaning your records with your wet KMRCM or your OKKI NOKKI.

Musical Surroundings
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Record Time Enzyme Based Alcohol Free Record Cleaning Fluid. Better sound through chemistry!

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We are a Supreme Reference Dealer for the entire lineup of Nordost cables, Power Conditioning and Accessories

Synergistic Research
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Made in USA, Cables and high performance audio accessories.

Vinyl Storage Solutions
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Designed and MADE in Canada. Fully archival 4 mil dual pocket record outer sleeve. Separate the vinyl from the jacket. Treat your records right!

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Our products are available for audition in the Toronto (GTA) area (Aurora and High Park/Roncesvalles Village). Drop us a line and we will be pleased to speak to you at length about your interest in our components.



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