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Our distinguished sound reproducing equipment represents the finest the industry has to offer. These have been specifically chosen for their price to performance ratio.

Seismion Active Isolation Bases
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Active vibration isolators

Outstanding vibration isolation and fast settling times for high-precision systems

If you use high-precision systems for measurements, production or laboratory, then you know about the necessity of vibration isolation. Vibrational excitation from the environment can be found everywhere. Even without consciously noticing them, they still have a negative impact on the accuracy, precision and productivity of your equipment and devices. Many systems such as microscopes even have specific requirements regarding the maximum permissible vibration load. These are described by the so-called Vibration Criteria curves (VC curves). If the place of installation does not meet these requirements, proper operation cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, many production machines and test devices, for example in the semiconductor industry, have moving XY tables. In order to be able to drive high cycle rates, these tables must be operated with high acceleration. However, this strongly excites the system to vibrations. Seismion Reactio isolators have a high level of active stabilization, which significantly reduces settling time and thus allows higher cycle rates to be used.

SAT, Swedish Analog Technologies
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SAT, Swedish Analog Technologies, HIGH Precision Pick Up Arms and XD1 Record Playing System. We utilize and demonstrate using the full SAT XD Record Playing System in our Toronto reference system. If you are curious about what analog can truly yield musically from those tiny black grooves give us call and set up a listening session. We have the XD1 with the CF1-09ti arm using the Lyra Atlas 𝝺 phono cartridge set up and in use. We also demonstrate with the SAT LM-12.

LYRA Analog Phono Cartridges
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Lyra Analog Phono Cartridges on display and in use in our reference systems.

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We are a Supreme Reference Dealer for the entire lineup of Nordost cables, Power Conditioning and Accessories

Diptyque Audio, Flat Panel Loudspeakers from France
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Flat Panel Loudspeakers from France.

Kora Audio France
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Kora Audio CSA2120 Class A Stereo Power Amplifier
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Kora Audio CSA1120 Class A Mono Power Amplifier
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Kora Audio TB200 Integrated Amplifier
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Kora Audio TB400 Integrated Amplifier

Kora Audio France

Our goal: be true to our customers! We are devoted to music, all kind of music. We are committed to maintaining a very high-quality standards on our products.

All the high-fidelity Kora elements aredesigned and engineered by a team of R&D specialized in high precision instruments for laboratory use. They also are long time passionate audiophiles. Kora Company can also count on the listening expertise of professional musicians as well as internationally recognized solo artists.

All the Kora products are also fully designed and hand assembled in Toulouse, the cradle of the European Aeronautical industry.  Thanks to this strategic localization, Kora can draw on an extensive network of highly qualified subcontractors and suppliers, used to providing extremely high-quality products and services.

Moonriver Audio, Sweden
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Moonriver Audio
Inspired by the famous song, Moonriver Audio is a combination of the vintage and the contemporary in audio reproduction.
Classic, timeless, user oriented design. Organic texture acquired within an open space, dynamic behavior unrestrained while preserving natural color, provisions made for modular upgrades and direct access to all functions.
Moonriver loves vinyl records, analog tapes, compact discs and digital streams and features upgradable modules for all those formats. We employ every technology available today, without staying dogmatically exclusive to one design principle versus another, be it solid state, integrated circuit or vacuum tube. We are fond of hybrid designs that fuse well known and fresh tech elements, but, most o
f all, that fit the application.

Made in Sweden
Our products are designed and made in Sweden. We hand-assemble each unit, a painstaking but precise procedure.  Through a global inventory that is constantly updated, it is our sophisticated research, efficient development and extensive listening tests -the fun part- that lead us to select the right component for a no-compromise audiophile sound.
We also care for sustainability as well as for reliability. Moonriver products are covered by a 3-year warranty and are designed to last for decades without any need of maintenance.

Ediscreation: Hand Crafted High Fi Gear
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Made in Hong Kong. Top Flight Music Server/Streamers, Switches, Power Supplies, Filters. Amazing value added digital front ends!

CAD: Computer Audio Design
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The leading authority on Ground Control CAD must be heard within your system to be believed. You don't know what you are missing!

STENHEIM Loudspeakers
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Swiss manufactured all aluminum construction Loudspeakers. Class leaders.

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The FULL Amplification line up from the premium electronics firm from Switzerland.

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Top tier Analog accessories and optical phono cartridge.

TechDAS, Vacuum Hold Down Turntables
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Precision Japanese, Vacuum Hold Down Turntables

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ETSURO Gold on display and in use.

MASSIF Audio Design
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Custom Exotic Hardwood Audio Racks, Platforms and Accessories

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Sideways Uni-Pivot Arm - Torque Reaction Assists Contact

MA Recordings
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The Highest quality Japanese inner linen sleeves available.

EBI Audio Phono Cartridges
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EBI Phono Cartridges on display and in use in our reference systems.

Vinyl Storage Solutions
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Designed and MADE in Canada. Fully archival 4 mil dual pocket record outer sleeve. Separate the vinyl from the jacket. Treat your records right!

Black Diamond Racing
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The Perfect footer to fit the Seismion and elevate it to new levels of performance.

Synergistic Research
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High performance audio accessories.

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Our products are available for audition in the Toronto (GTA) area (Aurora and High Park/Roncesvalles Village). Drop us a line and we will be pleased to speak to you at length about your interest in our components.



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