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We have been able to assemble a collection of Analog Turntables, Pick Up Arms and Cartridges that sit at the pinnacle of the front end mountain. Each component has been curated for it’s on intrinsic values, it’s ability to dig deep and render music from the grooves in a way that will move you to emotions.

This is where it all starts; the front end. You can’t add back in what you never had to start with. From the incomparable SAT Pick Up Arm to the Vacuum hold down technology of the TechDAS, to the Micro Structure technologies of the Döhmann, we can get you that musical information you have always craved and typically reserved to master tape.

Our distinguished sound reproducing equipment represents the finest the industry has to offer. These have been specifically chosen for their price to performance ratio.


SAT, Swedish Analog Technologies
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SAT, Swedish Analog Technologies, HIGH Precision Pick Up Arms

Graham Engineering
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One of the few top rated and universally acclaimed Tone Arms. On display and in use in our showrooms

REED Audio
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Exceptional high performance to cost Phono Cartridges

Pear Audio Analogue
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Pear Audio Analogue, High Value, Stereophile Class A, Turtables

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From the mind of Frank Schröder, the 9" and 11" CB tonearm in Carbon Fiber or Ebony armbands


LYRA Analog Phono Cartridges
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Lyra Analog Phono Cartridges on display and in use in our reference systems.

Audio Technica
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The exquisite AT-ART1000 phono cartridge

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Optical Phono Cartridges and Equalizers

Esturo Urushi
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ETSURO Urushi Gold

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Exceptional high performance to cost Phono Cartridges


SAT Swedish Analog Technolgies XD-1, On demonstration with the CF1-09Ti and LM-12 pick up arms
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Clearly and audibly one of the best record playing systems ever created.

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Leading edge technology and performance engineered by Mark Döhmann.

REED Audio
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Exceptional high performance to cost Phono Cartridges

TechDAS, Vacuum Hold Down Turntables
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Precision Japanese, Vacuum Hold Down Turntables

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From the mind of Frank Schröder, the 9" and 11" CB tonearm in Carbon Fiber or Ebony armbands


MA Recordings
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The Highest quality Japanese inner linen sleeves available.

Kirmuss Audio
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Automatic Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machines

Keith Monks RCM
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The Original Record Cleaner. String type with point type high suction. Ultra quiet operation. A Professional cleaner.

Levin Designs
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Award Winning Handmade record brushes. Made in Germany.

Vinyl Storage Solutions
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Designed and MADE in Canada. Fully archival 4 mil dual pocket record outer sleeve. Separate the vinyl from the jacket. Treat your records right!

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High Value Vacuum wand type Record Cleaner. Now in it's 4th iteration!

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Top tier Analog accessories and optical phono cartridge.

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Our products are available for audition in the Toronto (GTA) area (Aurora and High Park/Roncesvalles Village). Drop us a line and we will be pleased to speak to you at length about your interest in our components.



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